DAY 73: Uh-oh… work trip.

I’m writing this from a hotel room on the first night of a work trip I’ll be on until Tuesday.  That’s five days away from my gym, my normal outside-of-the-gym walking patterns, and my home-cooked, carefully measured, totally pre-planned meals.

I’m a little nervous.

I’m still feeling a little weak and tired from giving blood yesterday, so I’ve decided to keep my goal only at hitting my steps today.  I’m a few hundred away, which I will go get by pacing the halls of this hotel if I have to as soon as I’m done posting.  In the meantime, I’ve already scouted out the gym here and I have survived my first meal away by choosing a caprese salad and salmon tacos (with homemade shells, only half of which I ate).  My strategy for the inevitable buffet meals here is eggs and milk for breakfast, big salad for lunch, big protein for dinner, no dessert.  My work-out plan is to take ONLY the stairs (and my room is on the 8th floor!) to get around and hit the gym every night.  My night off — and weigh-in day — is Sunday, when I’ll see a friend who lives in this city.  (Note: “night off” does not, and has never meant, “splurge day” in my book.  I just mean a break from the exercise.)

If I can stick to this, I think I’ll be golden.  As long as the scale goes in the right direction this weekend, no matter how modestly, I will be a happy girl.

Wish me luck!

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