DAY 29: Celebrating the small triumphs

I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday as I had planned, but I feel OK about it.  Why?  Because I still:

  • Chose black coffee over a sugar-saturated latte or mocha at Starbucks in the morning
  • Chose NOTHING when my afternoon meeting wanted to meet at Starbucks
  • Resisted — wasn’t even tempted by — the 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies that showed up at my working lunch meeting and spent most of their time parked right in front of me
  • Stuck 100% to my meal plan for the day
  • Have no cravings for my old weakness foods (PLEASE let this last!)
  • Exceeded my daily steps goal on Vivo Fit
  • Somehow lost a pound between yesterday and Sunday when I did the official weigh-in for my DB that starts on Wednesday
  • Plan to go to the gym today


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