DAY 150: Milestones update

It’s a milestone-numbered day, so it’s time for another milestones report!  Moving things out of the “Goals to be achieved” section feels AWESOME!  I can’t believe some of the earlier goals ever needed to be goals.  Wow, was I in a bad way.

Any suggestions of goals to add are VERY welcome, so please share some of yours!

Achieved within first 71 days

  1. Find a sports bra that fits so I can even work out. When I first started losing weight, I couldn’t get into any of the ones I could find.  I’ve gone down a size since first meeting this goal.
  2. Grab my foot from behind when my leg is bent at the knee in order to stretch out my thigh.
  3. Walk at a 3.0 MPH pace without struggling.
  4. Make it up one flight of stairs without getting winded.
  5. Stop snoring and start sleeping better.
  6. Lose 10 lbs.
  7. Lose 25 lbs.
  8. Be under the weight limit to stand on the step stool.

Achieved between days 72 and 100

  1. Sit on my own furniture. The dining chairs and patio seating I own have weight limits that I exceeded before I purchased them.
  2. Paint my own toe nails without contorting myself.  
  3. Close my towel the whole way around me when I get out of the shower.  
  4. Wear the oh-honey pair of pants I bought on April 11th.
  5. Wear the oh-honey shirt I bought on May 2nd.   
  6. Walk a mile at 3.5 MPH.
  7. Get 3 miles on the fat burn setting on the elliptical.   
  8. Tie my shoes without having to sit down.
  9. Go down a notch on my Vivo Fit band.   
  10. Lose 50 lbs.
  11. Lose 10% of starting weight.   
  13. Put ankle on opposite knee without having to use hands.   
  14. Fit into a restaurant booth.  
  15. Wear shirt size XL.
  16. Do 200 miles in a month.

Achieved between days 100 and 150

  1. Fit into my plaid rain coat.**
  2. Go down a half shoe size.  Tragic timing, because I had just bought several pairs of heels in my old size, but I am NOT complaining!
  3. Wear a dress.  This has happened multiple times, in multiple dresses.  In fact, it’s mid-happen.
  4. Fit comfortably into airplane seats.
  6. Get away from pre-diabetic sugar levels.  Like whoa!
  7. Fold down the tray table from the seat in front of me on a plane.
  8. Lose 25% from heaviest weight.
  9. Lose 75 pounds.  This is the last figure of pounds I will likely post!
  10. Wear my ring on my middle finger.
  11. Wear a swimsuit in public.  Two total swimsuits, four total times.**
  12. Hike up a mother-effing mountain, with mother-effing company.  This is a point of emphasis because I would have been too embarrassed to be huffing and puffing beside someone while doing anything remotely work-out-y even a month ago.**
  13. Reach halfway point of weight-loss mission!**
  14. Laugh-cry while trying on the “before” dress, which I put on by stepping through the neck hole.**
  15. Purchased and wore high heels!  I own 3 new pairs, one of which is in my new half-size down.  I wear them EVERY DAY at work now, and my feet feel just fine.  They actually HELP with that persistent jerk of a heel spur I still have.  Between the dresses and the heels, I am loving feeling girly!  I never thought I’d see the day.**
  16. Also, this progress on my DietBet Transformer:**

Goals to be achieved

  1. Jog in and complete a 5K.
  2. Fit into my red jacket.
  3. Fit into one leg of my fat-girl gray pants.
  4. Wear a single-digit dress size.
  5. Wear a single-digit pants size.
  6. No longer be in “overweight” category (BMI <25).
  7. Wear shirt size L.
  8. Wear shirt size M.
  10. Reach final weight goal.
  14. Get out of plus sizes.
  15. Switch to the small Vivo Fit band.
  16. Wear a belt.
  17. Jog a mile without stopping.
  18. Fit into only my side of the bench on Metro. I have actually hit this, but the true test will be with a winter coat on, so I’m not crossing it off the list yet.
  19. Cross my legs. I’ve never done this in my life.
  20. See my feet over my belly when I look down (standing still).
  21. Fit into roller coasters. I couldn’t do it at a theme park 2 years ago, and had to wait around for my friend to go through the line and ride it by herself — sucked for both of us.I haven’t been to an amusement park since, so haven’t had the opportunity to test this out yet, but I suspect I could cross this off now.
  22. Do 250 miles in a month.

Watch this space.

*Some goals are too personal/embarrassing to publish, so I’m curating selectively.
**These were not on my list of goals, but they were notable milestones that I hit during this period.

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