DAY 119: Drum roll, please…

The lab work is back.  I just got off the phone with my doctor, who read me the results.  Buckle up!

Total cholesterol:  dropped 29 points and into the goal range!
–>HDL (good cholesterol):  was in healthy range before, but could have been better — up 2 points
–>LDL (bad cholesterol):  dropped 17 points and below the goal!

Total triglycerides:  dropped 71 points and WAY below the goal!
–>A1C:  dropped 0.4 and below the target!
–>Fasting sugar:  dropped 23 points and below the target!

TL;DR version:  All the numbers went significantly the right way, and I am no longer anywhere near pre-diabetes.

I think I just got sustenance from that phone call.  Vegetarian week be damned.

**happy dance**

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