DAY 107: Taking the good with the less good

You know those times where you catch your reflection in the mirror and think, “Hmm — I look thinner today!” and wonder if it’s true?  They are a precious thing.  They happen so rarely for me that I can remember each isolated incident.  I never weigh myself those days because the scale may not validate my observation, and I’d rather cling to my illusions.  (I know, I know, measurements and shit, but am I gonna bust out the tape measure every time I feel thinner?  No.  I am lazy.  I am also the world’s most inept measurer.  Every month when I take my inches, they’re barely different from the last time, yet I have cycled through 3 pants sizes [and counting!] since I started this mission.  Riddle me that.  And count your blessings I’m not building America’s bridges.)

That long-winded intro was a means of announcing that I had one of those I-look-thinner moments this morning.  I decided to wear a shirt I bought 2 months ago that was already starting to fit loosely, because it’s a shirt I really like and I may not be able to wear it much longer before it starts to hang and look silly.  Sure enough, it was a little roomier on me today, so I’m gonna have to start its farewell tour.

In the middle of the day as I was walking through the office, someone walking past me stopped in her tracks and said, “GIRL!  You are looking SLIM!”  I smiled and said thank you, and she asked, “So, are you doing it?” (her tone implied “Are you going for it??  The long haul?  The THINNESS?!”)  I responded, “Hell yeah, I’m doing it!”  Cuz, well… I’m doing it.  She said, “Yes, get it!”

That’s person #4.  🙂

The end of the day was a little les of a yippee moment.

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed a weird popping sensation in my foot with every step.  It didn’t hurt, just felt weird, and has never happened before.  For some reason, medical health professionals love me, so my podiatrist’s office got me onto the doctor’s schedule today.  Long story short, they did some x-rays and found that I have a little bone spur on my heel.  It’s not debilitating, and it’s not even painful, just something I’m very aware of when I move.  The doctor said if it didn’t hurt, we shouldn’t worry about it, but to make a follow-up in 2 weeks if there are any changes and we will try a cortisol shot.  I had sort of suspected that it was a bone spur from what I knew about them, and as an (almost formerly!) obese chick who all of a sudden started spending a lot of time on her feet, it’s not unusual that I would end up with one.  My doctor thinks it’s likely to go away on its own, and he said there’s no need to change anything I’m doing, so at least I can keep doing my usual work-outs and getting in my daily steps.  I’m so relieved about that.  I think if I had been advised to stay off of it or anything, I would have had a minor panic.  I hope it goes away soon, though.  It’s uncomfortable and just annoying.

Anyway, I have 2 Diet Bet weigh-ins coming up later this month, so I’m taking the good with the less good and continuing to work towards knocking off those goals.  Here’s hoping I can quickly heal my heel!

3 thoughts on “DAY 107: Taking the good with the less good

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